The Mayo Clinic on Vitamin D

Living in the Northwest, it is very important to take a Vitamin D supplement.  Many of you know that our livers make Vitamin D as long as we get direct sunlight on our skin.  If you are sitting in the sun each day for approximately 30 minutes with a good portion of your skin exposed to the sun, your going to be much healthier than those who are not doing this.

The Mayo Clinic lists some of the natural sources of Vitamin D as fish, fish oil and eggs.  Having a good source of Vitamin D is necessary for not only your bone health but for your immune system, blood pressure and protection from cancer and osteoporosis as well.  The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism also sites research that suggests that there is a correlation between Vitamin D and healthy lungs.

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Make it a great (and sunny) weekend!


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