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Osteoarthritis Specialist

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that develops over time due to wear and tear. It typically affects weight-bearing joints, such as the spine, hips, knees, ankles, and joints in the hands. Both men and women of any age can develop osteoarthritis, but it is more common in older adults.

Chiropractic can help to prevent further arthritic development and regular chiropractic may even prevent osteoarthritic changes from occurring. All we know for sure is that many of our patients report feeling better and being able to stay more active and look after themselves better as a result of chiropractic treatment.

On this page, Dr. Jerry Thomas Weider Jr DC, a leading  Seattle chiropractor will talk about symptoms and Osteoarthritis treatment options available in Seattle. 

Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

Most people first experience mild symptoms. Over time, symptoms start to progress and become worse. Common symptoms may include:

  • Pain is the most common symptom
  • Pain may be worse when the person is active 
  • Tenderness and stiffness in affected joints
  • The appearance of bone spurs
  • Inflammation in and around the affected joints 
  • A grating sound when moving the joints 
  • Reduced flexibility in the joints 

Causes Of Osteoarthritis

Wearing the cartilage that supports a joint is a primary cause. Factors that can affect a patient’s risk for osteoarthritis include: 

  • The risk increases as the patient ages 
  • There is a higher prevalence of osteoarthritis among female patients 
  • Obesity causes excess pressure on joints, which can also increase the risk 
  • Injuries to joints can result in the wearing of cartilage; thus resulting in osteoarthritis 
  • A family history of osteoarthritis could also indicate a greater risk 
  • Consistent stress on certain joints increases the risk too 

Temporary Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis

Over-the-counter medication is a good option for reducing pain, as well as swelling. This includes the use of NSAIDs, acetaminophen, and topical creams. Hot and cold therapy may also provide temporary relief for symptoms. A patient may also request the administration of injectable steroids in the area affected. 

Long Term Problems Due To Untreated Osteoarthritis

When osteoarthritis is not treated, it can result in a faster progression of the disease. As bones rub on bones during movement, damage to these structures, as well as joints, occurs. In turn, this could result in more severe disability over time. 

Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Surgery is used when other options do not work. Patients also need to implement specific lifestyle changes; managing weight, eating healthy, and exercising can help slow the progression. Electric nerve stimulation, acupuncture, and chiropractic care may also be recommended to the patient. Check with your chiropractor in Seattle to make sure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Osteoarthritis

How do you get osteoarthritis?

The condition develops due to a deterioration of cartilage. The cartilage in question surrounds the areas where bones come together at your joints. As the cartilage deteriorates, bones start to rub against each other since the cushioning is breaking down. 

What is the difference between osteoarthritis and arthritis?

Arthritis is a general term that refers to a family of different joint-related diseases. Osteoarthritis is a specific type of arthritis related to years of wear and tear on cartilage tissues. 

Is osteoarthritis hereditary?

Osteoarthritis is not inherited, but some genetic factors could increase the risk of developing the condition. Currently, it is not sure how the pattern of inheritance works, but a family history makes a person more likely to develop osteoarthritis themselves. 

What is the best vitamin for arthritis?

There are two specific natural supplements often recommended for people with arthritis. These include chondroitin and glucosamine. Many people use the two together for more effective results. 

How do they test for osteoarthritis?

A patient’s family history is taken into account, as well as their medical record. A physical examination is done. X-rays are also helpful to determine if it is osteoarthritis and the severity of the condition. 

Can massage help osteoarthritis?

Deep tissue massages that target affected areas may relieve stress, as well as the accumulation of tension. Massage is also a practical option for reducing inflammation and improving the patient’s mobility in their joints. 

Is there a cure for osteoarthritis of the spine?

No cure exists for osteoarthritis, regardless of the area in the body that is affected. There are treatments, however, that can slow the progression and provide an effective reduction in symptoms. 

What are the four stages of osteoarthritis?

There are four stages of this condition:

  • Stage 1 is also known as the minor stage
  • Stage 2 is called the mild stage
  • Stage 3 is more moderate
  • Stage 4 is the most advanced phase of osteoarthritis

How do you stop osteoarthritis from progressing?

Taking the right supplements and medications can be helpful. People should also avoid gaining excess weight and ensure they frequently exercise, as these factors affect joint health. 

Does osteoarthritis hurt all the time?

Acute pain is often one of the first symptoms, but this can, later on, develop into chronic pain symptoms. It also depends on the stage of osteoarthritis – an advanced stage may result in more consistent pain. 

Will osteoarthritis cripple me?

In rare cases, osteoarthritis has been noted to cause crippling effects in patients. This does not affect all patients, but the condition can still have a major impact even when it does not cripple the patient. 

What type of doctor can diagnose osteoarthritis?

In most cases, a general practitioner will not diagnose or treat osteoarthritis. Instead, the patient will be referred to either an orthopedic surgeon or an orthopedist. 

What is the best treatment for osteoarthritis?

A combination of treatments is often used. Glucosamine and chondroitin are considered excellent options for pain management, but some people find Duloxetine a practical option. 

What is the leading cause of osteoarthritis?

Years of wear and tear on the cartilage that provides a cushioning effect between bones and joints. As the cartilage wears away, bone-on-bone movement occurs. 

What happens if osteoarthritis is left untreated?

The disease may progress to a more advanced stage faster. This could result in more severe pain and inflammation and cause significant stiffness in the affected joints. 

What is the latest treatment for osteoarthritis?

Hyaluronic acid is now commonly used in the form of an injection. Some patients also have experienced improvements with the use of platelet-rich plasma injections. 

Does Medical Insurance Cover Osteoarthritis Treatment?

It depends on the specific insurance program and the provider. Medicare generally provides cover for treatments related to osteoarthritis. Some alternative treatments are also covered, mainly due to a higher effectiveness rate and a lower price. 

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