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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful part of a woman’s life leading to the birth of a child. However, the female body undergoes subtle physical and physiological changes through pregnancy. It can lead to some discomfort that efficient chiropractic care can safely manage.

The most common health issues faced by expecting mothers are low back pain, fatigue, heartburn, nausea, and postural imbalance. For many pregnant women, aches and pains in the lower back and hips are part of the experience. According to NCBI study, 50 percent of pregnant women will experience back pain at some point before they deliver.

Chiropractic care from a Seattle chiropractor during pregnancy is an entirely safe procedure as the techniques of professional use don’t put pressure on the abdomen. Pregnancy chiropractors can safely realign a misaligned joint and readjust the mother’s spinal column. 

Can Chiropractic Adjustments Cause Miscarriage?

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the maintenance of the spinal column and the correction of misaligned joints. It doesn’t use medications or surgery. Instead, it’s a type of physical therapy that helps to relieve spinal nerve strain while also promoting general health. During pregnancy, chiropractic care is believed to be safe. But there are certain circumstances where chiropractic care may not be a good idea.

Always get your doctor’s approval before seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. Chiropractic care isn’t typically recommended if you’re experiencing vaginal bleeding, placenta previa or placenta abruption, ectopic pregnancy, and moderate to severe toxemia.

Can A Chiropractor Help With Sciatica During Pregnancy?

When your bones are misaligned, the sciatic nerve is compressed. A subluxation is a chiropractic term for such an event. Physical causes include normal activity, exercise, and trauma; chemical factors include vitamin deficiency and drug use, and emotional factors including stress and sadness can all cause malalignments.

Pregnancy brings plenty of changes to a woman’s body, one of which is the increased production of the hormone relaxin. Though this softens ligaments and makes them more flexible, it also contributes to poorer alignment and an overall deterioration in posture.

Subluxations causing sciatica result in varying degrees of discomfort or radiating pain that can be debilitating, preventing you from walking or sleeping. However, specific chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate symptoms tremendously. Chiropractors achieve this by identifying and removing interferences in the nervous system from their source, putting the bones back in place.

How Often Should I Go To The Chiropractor While Pregnant?

No two pregnancies are the same, some women have morning sickness while others don’t, and some have easy pregnancies while others find it more difficult. Even though every pregnant woman’s situation is different, they all hope to make it through their pregnancy without pain or discomfort and to ultimately meet their new baby.

Fortunately, pregnancy chiropractic care is a natural way to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Both the mother and baby can benefit from visits to a chiropractic physician; however, it is crucial to get approval from your healthcare provider first. This will ensure that the treatment plan is safe for both you and your child.

In the first trimester, a woman may visit her chiropractor once a month and increase her visits afterward. She can have some pregnancy care every 2 to 3 weeks until the end of the third trimester, then every week until labor begins. This information is for a typical pregnancy. If additional problems arise, certain individuals might require more treatments.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Management During Pregnancy

A chiropractor can provide multiple benefits during your pregnancy like:

Chiropractor Reduce Heartburn And Nausea

Heartburn and nausea are two major complaints of expecting mothers. Morning sickness is prevalent during the first trimester of pregnancy. The leading cause of these feelings is hormonal changes in the body. In some cases, the morning sickness is triggered by or even accompanied by nausea. A chiropractor helps realign your spine for improved nerve function.

Chiropractor Provide Relief for Lower Back Pain

Pregnancy-induced low back pain like pelvic-girdle pain (PGP) and lumbar pain are severe complications. PGP is the more prevalent form attributed to the stretching of ligaments and excess pressure on the joints. Treatment may be complex, especially because pregnant women cannot take any medications. Chiropractic care, however, helps. A chiropractor reestablishes the pelvic balance that helps relieve the lower back’s impinged nerves and pressurized ligaments.

Chiropractor Help in Posture Correction

The fetus’s rapid growth (baby) is the essential part of pregnancy’s third trimester. The rapid growth puts extra pressure on the abdominal muscles and the spine muscles. It’s why pregnant ladies tend to change their posture and gait to accommodate the baby’s weight. A chiropractor can help restore the spine’s natural curvature and posture.

Chiropractic Adjustment Results in a Healthy Pregnancy

Spine alignment and a boosted immune system make the pregnancy safer and more comfortable. Chiropractic care clears nerve obstructions in the spine and realigns the spine. 

Chiropractor Facilitates Baby’s Position

Optimal baby positioning is necessary for normal delivery. The breech position isn’t an ideal birth position because the baby isn’t head down at delivery. A chiropractor brings your baby into the perfect position for delivery and saves you from complications such as cord prolapse (entangling), and improper pelvic position.

Chiropractic adjustments perfectly align your spine, pelvis, and hips for easier labor and delivery.  There is no added pressure on the back, and there is a sufficient enlargement of the uterus to push the baby out.


How Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center Can Help You In Pregnancy

At Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and well-being during your pregnancy. Our team of prenatal chiropractors is highly trained to offer personalized care that addresses the unique needs and concerns of expectant mothers.

We focus on maintaining and improving pelvic alignment, which is particularly important in relieving common back, hip, and joint pain experienced during pregnancy. By emphasizing pelvic alignment, our goal is to enhance your overall well-being.

Additionally, our chiropractors pay close attention to the condition of the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic region, ensuring they are in the best possible shape. This not only helps reduce any constraints during pregnancy but also provides your baby with more space and a favorable position for delivery.

Beyond chiropractic adjustments, Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center takes a holistic approach to pregnancy care. We consider your overall health and wellness, providing support and guidance beyond the adjustment table. This includes lifestyle recommendations and exercises aimed at enhancing your entire pregnancy experience.

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