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Pediatric Chiropractic In Seattle

As adults, we are able to recognize when our bodies aren’t operating as they should. Perhaps we have chronic pain or headaches, or perhaps our posture is awful. Children and infants may also have bodily issues that impair their learning and development.

Children are more prone to trauma because they are always exploring and discovering new things. A fall here and a bump there might throw the spine’s alignment off. Even the tiniest misalignment can have a significant impact on children, causing all sorts of mayhem such as sleeplessness, earaches, or asthma.

Pediatric chiropractors are specially trained to provide care and treatment to young people, whose bodies are still growing and developing. This specialized training ensures that the care your child receives is appropriate for their age.

How Can I Tell If My Child Needs Chiropractic Care?

Parents naturally wonder what the signs are indicating a child needs chiropractic care. A child’s body is indeed flexible and robust enough to sustain childhood falls and bumps.

However, these few signs indicate a child may need chiropractic care:

  • Restricted head or neck mobility
  • Irregular sleep routine
  • Frequent complaints of back or neck pain
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Difficulties while walking

Most of the time, a  few gentle chiropractic adjustments help resolve these conditions to provide for a hassle-free childhood. 

Childhood Conditions A Chiropractor Can Help Treat

Children cannot communicate about the physical discomfort they experience with their parents. Chiropractic treatment involves an extensive examination to identify the possible underlying causes of a child’s problem.

We try to resolve the issues before they become inbred in your child’s body systems. Here is a list of the medical conditions chiropractic can treat.

  • Colic
  • Sleep discomfort, bedwetting
  • ADHD
  • Earaches and infections
  • Frequent headaches
  • Asthma
  • Trouble during breastfeeding

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Kids?

It is hard for most people to imagine that chiropractic care for children is safe and possible. Pediatric chiropractic is entirely secure and is an excellent way of building a solid foundation for your child’s healthy lifestyle.

Our chiropractor in Seattle uses the following methods to relieve the tension along the child’s spine to treat physical discomfort and other diseases.

  • Careful spinal manipulation
  • Light massage therapy
  • Targeting misaligned nerves

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