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Vertigo Treatment In Seattle, WA

Seattle chiropractors- Dr. Jerry Thomas Weider Jr DC and Dr. Irelis Miller Carattini DC

Vertigo Specialist

Vertigo makes you feel as if everything around you is spinning, and can cause lightheadedness and a loss of balance. It isn’t an illness itself, but rather a symptom that points to various other underlying conditions.

Although both dizziness and vertigo are balance problems, they are not the same. Dizziness is a feeling of general unbalance, while vertigo gives you a sensation of movement or that your surroundings are spinning.

Vertigo attacks can happen at any age, although they are more prevalent in those over 65. Women are somewhat more likely to get vertigo than males. Vertigo is a possible side effect of pregnancy for some individuals.

Your Seattle chiropractor is the best place to consult for chiropractic care for vertigo. On this page, Dr. Jerry Thomas Weider Jr DC will talk about symptoms, causes, and vertigo treatment options.

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Symptoms Of Vertigo

The main signs and symptoms of vertigo are as follows:

  • Difficulty getting up from a chair
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness
  • Stumbling while walking
  • Nausea and vomiting, headaches
  • Feelings similar to motion sickness
  • Tinnitus, a sense of fullness in the ear
  • Hearing problems, especially in one ear
  • Nystagmus, diplopia, blurry vision
  • Fatigue

Common Causes Of Vertigo

The most common causes of vertigo are:

  • Inner ear infection or inflammation can compress the nerve leading to vertigo
  • Medication side effects or alcohol
  • Spinning Activity leading to temporary vertigo due to the momentary imbalance in the ears’ fluid
  • Medical conditions such as Meniere’s disease and Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Standing up too quickly which is also known as postural hypotension
  • Pregnancy 

Vertigo Treatment

In most cases, vertigo goes away on its own, and there is no need for medical intervention. However, the treatment modality depends upon the underlying cause.

The most common treatment modalities are:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamines or anti-emetic drugs
  • Chiropractic management
  • Surgery is the option only if the vertigo cause is some serious underlying condition like a tumor or brain or neck injury
  • Antibiotic therapy for people suffering from ear infections

Sometimes vertigo may be a symptom of something severe and life-threatening like a brain tumor, brain injury, or encephalopathy. A proper diagnosis and treatment at the right time can prevent unnecessary repercussions.

Chiropractic Treatment For Vertigo

Chiropractic treatment for vertigo is an effective treatment option that reduces vertigo symptoms and prevents future incidents. We can help diagnose and give you relief through a customized treatment plan.

The treatment plan generally involves a basic chiropractic adjustment that lets the nervous system work at optimal efficiency. Each adjustment improves brain and body communication by properly positioning the ears, lymph nodes, and immune system to facilitate a quick recovery. In the case of cervical vertigo, manipulations realign the cervical spine joints and vertebrae and correct the nervous system for better communication.

Epley maneuver is another technique we use that repositions the inner ear. It is a quick and helpful procedure for treating BBPV. It shifts your head to different positions and repositions the ear’s structures back to normal. We may also advise exercises and activities to help ease your vertigo even more. 

Does Medical Insurance Cover Treatment For Vertigo?

Most basic medical insurance schemes cover the total cost of chiropractic care for vertigo. Your chiropractor will guide and advise you about medical insurance coverage.

Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center is a top chiropractor in Seattle. We can help treat most health conditions, including vertigo treatment. Contact us to book an appointment if you suffer from vertigo.

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