What To Expect on your First visit at ballard seattle chiropractic center

It’s quite normal to feel skeptical or anxious about what to expect on your first chiropractic visit. You wonder if it will be painful and if you will be twisted like a pretzel. Well, nothing of that sort happens. This is what you should expect:

 The first visit lasts about 30 – 45 minutes but depends on the chiropractor and the injury or condition. The subsequent visits are usually quicker. Your chiropractor has three main goals on the first visit. They are:

  • Identifying the root of the problem
  • Fostering a therapeutic patient-chiropractor relationship
  • Coming up with the right treatment plan

Be open about how you feel after each treatment and discuss any discomforts. Your feedback helps your chiropractor come up with an effective treatment plan. Fill out some forms about your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions and other health-related relevant information.

What a chiropractic exam includes?

A chiropractic exam includes checking your reflexes, joints, neck, posture, spine, and hip flexors. Your chiropractor may ask you to twist in different directions to check your range of motion and press on areas to determine if it hurts. Some may then make chiropractic adjustments manually or use instruments to make realignments, address your condition and make you feel better.

What happens when you get your chiropractic adjustment?

You can expect a painless procedure as your chiropractor pushes, pulls, or rotates a body section. It’s normal to hear a ‘popping’ sound as your joints readjust while releasing air bubbles in the joint. There may be no popping at all in some patients, while others may get instant relief.

What to expect after the chiropractic adjustment?

There may be some temporary muscle soreness after the adjustment as your spine and muscles adapt to the correct alignment. While light activities are safe immediately after the treatment, do not do anything strenuous like going to the gym.  However, do contact your chiropractor immediately if you don’t feel good.