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Why Wellness Care Is Important

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Wellness care is the practice of everyday healthy habits to attain improved physical and mental health for a thriving life. It is a part of chiropractic management that targets healing the cause of a specific ailment.

This disease management method is precisely the opposite of traditional medical care that encourages taking drugs that only hide the symptoms. Wellness care ascertains why there is an issue in the first place. For example, suppose a medical doctor will most likely recommend painkillers and muscle relaxant medicines for back pain relief. On the other hand, a wellness care follower like a chiropractor fixes the tightened muscles to improve spine and joint mobility and provide actual relief.

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How Lifestyle Affects Overall Wellness

Wellness is the state in which the body is entirely at peace, both physically and mentally. The tranquility state puts the body in an ideal form of homeostasis that naturally increases the ability to adapt and bear stress. An active nervous system and innate intelligence (the body’s power to heal itself) indicate overall wellness.

Lifestyle has a profound effect on the body’s overall health and wellness in the following ways: 

  1. Exercising and choosing a healthy diet by attaining nutritional balance leads to fewer health compromises and reduced chances of disorders (such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.)
  2. Sleeping well keeps you wakeful and energetic to face the day. Those who neglect sleep feel grave consequences that compromise health (insomnia, sleep-wake cycle issues, cognitive impairment).
  3. Keeping stress at bay is most important for maintaining wellness. Anxiety, depression, and stress patients suffer from many consequences ranging from fatigue to hair fall.

Therefore, lifestyle has a significant effect on overall wellness. 

Why We Need Wellness Care?

Visiting a wellness  chiropractor in Seattle is essential for its benefits:

  1. Improvements in posture: Poor posture plagues society, and the only cure for this discomfort is a wellness clinic visit. A chiropractor corrects posture and helps maintain it to avoid extra pressure on the neck, head, shoulders, and back.
  2. Lesser pain: Neck and back pain doesn’t persist with regular wellness care.
  3. Boosted immune system: Clearing the nerves of any blockage replenishes the nervous supply and boosts the immune system.
  4. Improved blood flow: Realigning the muscles, joints, and spine improves blood flow to the muscles and the joints.
  5. Better mood: The most likely outcome of enhanced wellness is mood improvement. 

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine uses a patient-centered approach to concentrate on determining the source of sickness rather than merely treating symptoms. It utilizes the cause of the illness, identified via a thorough medical history and laboratory testing, to design and implement appropriate prevention and treatment techniques.

Functional medicine embraces the idea that everyone is unique and, through a partnership between the patient and doctor, as well as detoxification, lifestyle modifications, and education, you may help the body heal itself. Functional medicine is a way of practicing medicine that differs from allopathy, which relies on synthetic medicines to treat only the symptoms of the disease.

Our Seattle chiropractors work with you as a complete person by spending time with patients, gathering extensive health histories, and performing the precise diagnostic testing needed to discover the source of the problem. Each person is different, and functional medicine enables our chiropractors to help people get back on their feet and live full life.

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