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Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center COVID-19 Policy

The entire staff of Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center is following CDC COVID-19 advisory and taking appropriate precautions. 

An appropriate Mask is required for all patients and office staff.  We have prepared a COVID-19 questionnaire which is provided to all patients. The questionnaire is submitted to our reception staff and we also take your temperature. We will review any symptoms or prior exposure reports. After the review, patients will be asked to wait in the lobby or taken directly to the appointment. Appropriate social distancing is being followed in the office so some patients may be asked to wait in the hall if needed. 

For Chiropractic appointments: We are cleaning all tables and touchable surfaces between every appointment. Additionally, fresh face paper is put on the table after every appointment. 

For Acupuncture and Massage appointments: We have added additional 10 minutes between appointments for appropriate sanitization between appointments. We clean all touchable surfaces and replace linens between appointments. 

Additional staff has been hired to follow CDC guidelines and maintain sanitization.

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