3 Strategies to Reduce Child’s Headaches

3 Strategies to Reduce Your Child’s Headache

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It’s hard to watch the people in your life suffer, especially your kids. We support your family in learning some great prevention and treatments to help reduce the headaches and migraines for your children. Reduce headache triggers for your kids with these 3 strategies:

Reduce Stress

Help your child reduce any stress and anxiety that may be triggering headaches. Amy Przeworski, Ph.D. suggests you encourage your children to face their fears and support them in doing so.  In her article for Psychology Today, she indicates that avoiding challenging situations holds anxiety in the body for longer. Przeworski shares that when we face our fears, the body will naturally reduce the anxiety in the system.

Move at your child’s pace. Focus on encouraging and coaxing your child to partner with you as a team to face their anxiety. When a child is given both choice and support, they have an opportunity to gain a sense of mastery. 

Model calmness when agitated, this is a key to reducing your child’s anxiety.  Be mindful to create a calm, safe place for your child to express their fears and concerns. If you tend to be anxious, seek some extra support for yourself as well.  This can do wonders for setting the stage for health for your family.

Support the System

Hydration is the most important step to support the body as dehydration can often trigger migraines and other headaches. Try This Migraine-Fighting Smoothie Booster with the help of a chiropractor in Seattle and Set your family up for success with this key to headache prevention have your child carry a small water bottle. Invest in a cool reusable one that they like and will be happy to have with them (no plastic please)Natural supplements can help to prevent the tension that causes headaches.

Magnesium can be added by adding beans, seeds, nuts, and whole grains to your child’s diet, as well as pulling some ninja moves to get them to eat their dark green, leafy vegetables. If using a supplement, be mindful that it can cause diarrhea and takes several months to accumulate.

Vitamin B2 may prevent some headaches and help to ease the pain. Also called riboflavin.

CoQ12 is an antioxidant normally found in every cell of the body. About 1/3 of kids with migraines have low levels.

Butterbur has been found to reduce the severity of migraines and to be very helpful for teen headache sufferers.

Be sure to look into all potential side effects and consult a physician with questions before use. Breathing exercises & yoga.  Especially Yoga Nidra and Progressive Muscle Relaxation can be useful to bring peace to your child’s system regularly.

Correct Imbalance

Massage can help your child relax and ease the muscle tension that may be triggering their headaches. Chiropractic Care can assess if your child has a structural imbalance. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective treatment for the cause of symptoms; in this case, headaches. Rather than relying on a temporary solution with pain relievers, we encourage parents to have their children’s spine checked! Headaches are the most common reason for people of all ages to visit a Chiropractor, and the treatment of correcting the misalignment of the spine and neck is as effective for the youth who may be suffering as it is for their parents.

Learn more about headache prevention and help your child stay headache-free!

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