What Headaches and Blood Pressure Have in Common

While many Chiropractors may claim to treat disorders, Seattle Chiropractic is not involved with the chasing of symptoms.  It is important to understand that the basis for many health issues and complaints rests with the loss of normal nervous system function.  An interference caused by misalignment of the first spinal vertebrae under the skull is known as a C1 subluxation or first cervical subluxation.

This can be caused by physical, chemical, emotional and/or environmental stress or a combination of these stressors beyond the body’s ability to cope. 
Perhaps of greater importance than these local affects are the systemic affects of subluxation of this area. 
In this week’s video blog I will share more of the physiology of what happens as well a couple of very interesting studies.  Remember that our physiology was born to express health and when it is expressing dis-ease there is always a cause.  It is up to you to understand what those stressors are and then do something about it.
If you are suffering with these problems or know of people who are experiencing them, call us. Chiropractic is very effective in restoring health in the body by facilitating the body’s natural self-healing capabilities. We have a wonderful opportunity for new people to our practice to come in and get evaluated and support a wonderful cause.  See below for details.
Make it a powerful and healthy weekend! 


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