Learn to Walk Correctly to Solve Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Many people suffer with chronic neck pain, scoliosis, and low back pain issues due to how leg and feet muscles are flexed while walking. Injuries in your feet that took place 20 years ago can create compounded symptoms in your neck. Learn more.

How Chiropractic care helps to reduce stress

Stress symptoms can manifest themselves in the body with time. Chronic stress can lead to serious health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes. Stress is unavoidable and can be physical, mental, emotional, or chemical. There are strategies to adopt to reduce the stress that includes Chiropractic care too.

Why do Back Muscles feel like a Knot or a Rope?

Often people refer to the pain in their shoulders as “knots” or “ropes.” Knots and Ropes are muscles that are being overstretched. The solution to any type of overstretched muscle is to flex the muscle in the opposite direction. Learn more.