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3 Pressure Points for Headache Management

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Stop Headaches Before They Stop You

Suffering from a headache can be incredibly unpleasant and inconvenient. If you’re looking for an approach to relieve your symptoms that is natural, Our Seattle chiropractor will help you with acupressure, and pressure points methods that may be the answer. 

While professional Massage therapists can most certainly provide relaxation and alleviate the tension that can cause headaches, so can using pressure points.  Here are 3 pressure points that are easy to reach.

Pressure Points

Pressure points are areas of the body that contain heightened sensitivity, which can help to provide relief when pressure is applied. Believers in reflexology, a form of Chinese medicine, trust that carefully touching certain areas of your body can help promote one’s health and well-being, reduce pain symptoms and restore equilibrium in the body.

  • Just Under Your Eyebrows: This area below the inside tips of your eyebrows and above the bridge of your nose helps to clear sinus pressure, stress, and tension around the eye area. Use both of your index fingers to apply firm pressure to both points at once. Hold for 10 seconds. Release and repeat.
  • Third Eye: This spot may be the Queen Bee of headache relief. Press on this spot a few times each week to help relieve the facial tension that causes headaches. Remember to breathe deeply and self-oxygenate as you press.
  • Between Your Thumb and Index Finger: Also called the Hoku Point, this spot is soothing and helps to alleviate joint and muscle pain throughout the body. Holding this point can also help to move grief. Press with your right thumb and index finger at the junction of your left thumb and index finger. Hold for 5 seconds and switch.

Do Not use this point if you are pregnant

Try the spot behind your head as an alternative. From a seated position, clasp your hands together and flip them over your head to cradle your neck. Feel the ridge at the back of the head and neck where the muscles attach to your skull. You can massage the points along this area for pressure and tension relief. 

When using pressure points, apply pressure firmly and steadily for about 5 seconds each. Remember to breathe, drink extra water, and continue to develop a daily relaxation routine. We support you in your efforts to stay steady and headache-free and believe that prevention is better than cure!

Massage Therapy at Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center

If you deal with regular headaches, it’s time to give massage therapy a try. Massage Therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that has proven to ease the effects of headaches to help you feel more comfortable. Massage therapy also delivers several other benefits for your mind and body, including increased flexibility, reduced joint pain, better sleep quality, and so much more. At our clinic,  we create an individualized treatment plan to target multiple problem areas at once and help you feel your best. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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