Summer Health Tips
Have you ever noticed how summer can mess up your health routines.  I believe it is because of the amount of travel people do during the summer that impacts our health habits.  At least that has been my experience.
Most of you know that I have been traveling a lot in July and have a little more travel to go in August as my mother is about to be 60 years old.  We have a family reunion planned for her and it is going to be great but it also means that there are going to be some challenges to my normal health routines.  It always seems harder to exercise every day at 5:30 am when I am on holiday or it is harder to say no to the baking that my mom does or have that extra beer or glass of wine as I socialize with family and friends.
I get it, it is more of a challenge but it does not have to be.  I am inviting you all to join me for the month of August to stay committed to your health routines, more than ever!  Whether your traveling or not, you can do it and so can I.  If I know that you are doing it with me, then together we can make a difference with our own health but also with each other.  So let me know that you want to join me to stay committed to exercising as many days a week that you do and eating healthy and not over indulging.  I am not saying that you can not have an extra glass of wine, just do not make it 4 extra glasses:)
In my video blog today I will share with you what I am going to do and remind you how simple it can be.
Who is with me?  Let’s make August the healthiest month of the year!


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