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Here we are entering week three of Gratitude Month and allow me to express my gratitude to all of you.  We are so excited, we are halfway through the month and we are over halfway to our goal of raising $1500 for the food bank.  By the time you read this and listen to the video we will most likely be closer to a $1000.  We have one more full week where we will be in the office so please drop in for your adjustment and give as much as you can to the food bank.  We accept cash or check only for the food bank.  We will also accept any non-perishable food items or any bathroom supplies.  We really appreciate you all so much and are excited to give at this time of year.

Last week our theme for Gratitude Month was family.  This week it is being mindful.  The holiday season is a time where most of us allow ourselves indulge.  I have committed to my wife to take even better care of my health than I normally would.  This means I will continue to eat well and exercise.  I plan on doing a little more exercise than normal and not allow myself to over indulge on the all the holiday goodies.  It is so tempting to let it all go but I have done that before and I do not like how I feel by the end of the holidays.  So I plan to exercise more and spend more quality time with my family which will improve my mental health.
Being mindful is so so important.  We have the ability to make the conscious healthy choices.  I encourage each of you to join me.  Do it as a family, it will make it much easier to follow through.  We are stronger together and together we can make a much bigger impact.
Let me know if you need some words of inspiration, I am your guy!  Make it a great week everyone!
Yours in Health and Gratitude!


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