Is it Acute, Chronic or Permanent?

Many of you heard me tell the story of myself when I was 10 years old and how the doctors wanted to take my leg because they thought I had cancer.  The interesting thing about the story is not only did the doctors almost make a major medical error; I never had any symptoms in my leg before I was hit really hard on the area where the tumor was living.

You see, our health can begin to break down without us even knowing it.  It is a scary thing but it is true.  Most of the time our bodies are breaking down without us knowing.  Think about tooth decay, we don’t feel it happening.  It doesn’t mean it is not there.

In this week’s video blog, I will share with you the things you should be looking for to determine if what your experiencing is an acute, chronic or permanent problem.  That way you can take the appropriate action to address the problem.
Remember, Chiropractic’s purpose is to improve function in your body so it can heal and regulate itself.  People of all ages will benefit from having Chiropractic as a part of their lives.  So if you know people who are not using it, encourage them to get checked and see how healthy their spines and nervous systems are.
Yours in Health and Vitality,
Dr. Derek Strachan D.C.
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Dr. Derek and Tamara Strachan 


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