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I know what you’re thinking, is this going to be one of those blown up fishing stories that is really hard to believe?  Not this story, this is a real, down to earth wholesome story that changed my life.
When I was 11 years old, I had this friend named David Dobie.  David was one of those kids that everyone knew.  He was the star athlete, he was great in school, the girls liked him and even the parents like him.  I wanted to be like David.  I wanted all the recognition that he was getting so I made it my life’s mission to be his best friend.
Well it worked!  David and I were inseparable.  We would do everything together after school, in school and on weekends.  One day we decided to go fishing. There was a valley with a creek at the bottom of it (Powers Creek) close to our school. My friend’s back yard was a really steep hill that opened up onto the valley.  We would scoot down the steep embankment on our butts, like little kids know to do, and we would go fishing.
David was even good at fishing.  We would spend the whole day at the bottom of this valley catching fish and I would catch 1-2 fish over the course of the day and David would get 30!  It really pissed me off!  I wanted to catch 30 fish in a day.
On this particular day we decided to walk up to the dam at the top of the creek.  While making our way up to the dam we were skipping rocks in the pools of water.  Well when we reached the dam there was a huge body of calm water on the other side.  The rock skipping was amazing!
The thing I loved about it is that I was good at rock skipping.  It was one of the things that I could compete with David on.  So we were skipping rocks and a robin lands 20 feet away from us.  I didn’t think much of it at the time but David challenged me.  He said, “bet you can’t hit that robin in one shot.”  Your on!  I was determined to nail this robin to prove David wrong.
I closed my eyes and visualized myself beaming the robin right in the head.   So I wound up, leaned back and riffled the rock as fast as I could right at the robin and BAM!  Right in the middle of the head!  I nailed it!  I was so excited, I nailed that robin right where I wanted.  David and I were celebrating like 11 year old boys do.  I was so impressed with myself that I did, I had never hit a bird before.
When I turned around to see how the bird was doing, I saw that it wasn’t moving…..I had killed it.  In that moment, I began to feel sad.  I was so disappointed with myself that I killed something.  Meanwhile, David is still celebrating and thinking I am the greatest.  I was torn up inside.  My entire world had been just flipped.  I felt rotten but I wasn’t going to let David see that sadness. So I sucked it up.
After that day, David and I stopped hanging out together all the time.  I realized that David was different from me.  He was not the right fit for me and we ended up living completely different lives.
This experience opened my eyes to empathy and the desire to care for other living things.  I wanted to help things live and not kill things.  It is one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping other people heal with Chiropractic methods.
In this week’s health tip I want to share the importance of moving your body.  There is some research that came out of Norway recently and the US in 2010 that confirms the importance of minimizing the amount of sitting that you are doing.
Check out the video blog to learn more.

Make it a great weekend!

P.S. If you’re looking for something to do today with friends & family, come by Ballard’s Umpqua Bank and check out the Holistic Health Fair. We’ll be there with other local holistic practitioners giving away goodies and screening people for free! Saturday 4/20 11am-2pm 2032 NW Market St., Seattle, WA 98107 


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