Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff?

Sounds like sage advice, right? Well, when it comes to nutrition, sometimes it’s all about the small stuff. Small changes add up to create a big impact on your health.

Here are three “small” changes you can make that will pay off BIG

from Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio’s Nutritional Therapist, Emma Davis Ganger, NTP

Get hydrated

Okay, so you’ve heard this one hundreds of times. That’s because there are hundreds of good reasons backing it up! Here are a few:

Digestion is a water-dependent process. If you’re not digesting your food properly, it can start to rot in your belly and cause all sorts of health problems. Gross, right? So drink up.

Water acts as natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory agent. If you’re dealing with allergies or inflammation, water is your best friend.

Water cushions your joints. Are you dealing with joint pain or nerve pain from an impinged joint? Along with regular chiropractic care and massage, staying hydrated can help alleviate that pain.

Water carries nutrients around your body. Even if you eat well, if you’re not hydrated, you won’t digest properly, like I said, and furthermore, your body won’t be able to properly utilize the nutrients it does digest.

 You’ll feel more comfortable. This is a basic one, but it’s pretty important. If you suffer from dry skin, dry lips, or dry eyes, try getting and staying hydrated. Sometimes it’s that simple!

Eat more rocks

Really! You know that “electrolyte” buzzword you keep hearing? Electrolytes are minerals, and minerals are rocks! Sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate are all important minerals for the human system. Good sources of minerals include lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, bone broths, and mineral-rich waters. Unfortunately, Seattle has some of the softest (lowest mineral content) water in the country! All that water you’re going to be drinking after this newsletter could actually deplete your mineral status by washing away good electrolytes instead of replenishing your stores. A quick fix is a liquid trace mineral drop you can add to your water. Visit a local supplement store or a natural foods store to pick some up.

Reduce your sugar intake!

This is another old favorite, but there may be more to this than you’ve ever heard. Did you know that sugar is inflammatory? That means that if you are one of the many millions of Americans struggling with chronic pain or inflammation, sugar could be a major culprit. You’ve probably heard sugar referred to as “empty calories.” I go a step further and call sugar NEGATIVE calories. Sugar actually steals precious nutrients from your body as it is being processed! Every act of digestion and assimilation takes nutrients to perform, so when you take in something absolutely devoid of nutrients, it’s more trouble than it’s worth for your body.

So those are three steps you can take to reclaiming vibrant health. If you have any questions, or you would like a tour guide for your journey, call us at 206-783-6000. Watch an interview with Dr. Derek & Emma, your Nutritional Therapy “tour guide.”


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