How does one know if they are breathing enough in a day?  That is a tough question.  It is estimated that we take 20,000 breathes a day.  WOW!  That is a lot of breathing.  It is essential, without it we die.  We all understand it is important but are we getting enough oxygen?

 If you struggle with energy, chances are you are living an oxygen deprived life.  The majority of Americans do not breathe fully and as a result are more stressed.  Your nervous system gets irritable with less oxygen.  When you increase stress in your body you feel more tense or tight.  You become moody, fatigued, irritable, have memory loss, headaches, nausea, sinus issues, allergies, etc…  You get the point.  When this occurs it causes stress in your muscles and they tense up and pull on your spine causing your spine to be out of alignment which leads to further health problems.
What can you do about it?  The obvious answer is to breathe more fully.  The other solution is to get your spine checked.  Make sure your spine is not interfering with the nerves that affect breathing.  Not only will you feel better if your spine is aligned and your breathing more effectively, you will be healthier too!
In this week’s video blog I will share a breathing technique with you that is guaranteed to help.  Check it out.  We are also offering a free class in December to teach people how to get more energy in their day to day lives.  I will share four strategies to increase your energy immediately!
See below for the details about the class.  Make it a great week everyone and I will catch you next time!
Abundant Energy (Part 1 of 2) on Wednesday December 11th at 6:15pm here at Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio is the first in a two part program that motivates attendees to make minor changes that deliver maximum results. It offers a unique opportunity to understand the physiological and psychological components of energy: what CREATES abundant energy and what robs us of it.
Join Dr. Derek for this free workshop filled with valuable information. Space is limited, to RSVP or request more information, call 206-783-6000 or email


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