Benefits of Beginning a Yoga Practice Today
Benefits of Beginning a Yoga Practice Today

Happy Solar Eclipse, Seattle! The simple movement of heavenly bodies produced quite an amazing effect; chilled air, the singing of birds, the gathering of people to watch the sun cast a golden crown on the moon. These daily gifts of sunrise and moon-set fell into a spectacular alignment, producing quite an energetic and powerful impact on those who gathered to witness it. We feel it is an invitation to practice being alive even more deeply and presently. A wonderful way to begin this is with Yoga.

Yoga does not have to be fancy to be powerful. Whether you are new to a practice or need a reset, we invite you to build a simple and sustainable one. You can start now with the breath and move into more when you are ready! As you begin, you call in these 3 ways that a beginning yoga practice brings you into balance.

Balanced Breath

Tap into calm and balance with yogic breathing. Called Nadi Sodhana, or alternate nostril breathingThis practice of blocking off one nostril, inhaling and exhaling through the other,  and then switching is noted as one of the best ways to calm the nervous system. (1) Breath work can also be the key grounding component when working with with visualization (picture yourself a lavender field), meditation, mantra, and a conscious heart connection. (2) Simply observing your breath is a wonderful way to start this aware and mindful step in your new yoga practice.

Balanced Energy

Balance your own Inner Sun and Moon with Yoga Practice

We all have mental and emotional cycles, attributes of light and shadow, masculine and feminine; bring them into balanced and authentic expression with yoga.
Flowing through a simple sun salutation offers both moments of active work and rest. Take your time and feel the places you are tight or weak, strong or flexible. In the evening, try a yin yoga session or this wind down sequence.
Learn more
 about how yoga purifies, engages, and balances your energy.

Balanced Alignment

Prevent injury and achieve a posture of vitality with yoga. Yoga and Chiropractic share a common philosophy based on principles of prevention. Keeping your body limber, flexible, and moving helps your immunity stay strong, your bones supple, your brain firing bright and clear messages to your muscles and vital organs. Start your alignment with your own yoga practice! It can be free at home with online videos or at your favorite local studio. Our office supplies mats, foam rollers, and exercise balls for our Practice Members to use during adjustment sessions. Be sure to find the props you need to support your spinal alignment, especially if you are pregnant. By incorporating stretching into your daily life, your posture is bound to improve. Try some of these Pre- and Post-Yoga stretching sequences to get your alignment practice started.  You can also learn more about how balanced alignment helps you thrive at one of our in Studio classes and events!

Whatever the condition of your body at this new beginning, you can start today with the breath. A simple and fruitful way to begin a yoga practice, on this purified evening of the Total Solar Eclipse.All the best in health to you and yours!
The Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio Team

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