Why do Back Muscles feel like a Knot or a Rope?

Why do Back Muscles feel like a Knot or a Rope?

Often people refer to the pain in their shoulders as “knots” or “ropes”. Knots and Ropes are muscles that are being overstretched. The pain comes from the tendon sending out an emergency message, hoping you will do something about it. To protect itself, the muscle will harden to keep from being pulled any further.

At Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Center, when a massage therapist rubs knotted muscles, they feel like bumps and to the person receiving the massage, it feels like knots or ropes. They are a little painful when rubbed. When a cross-fiber technique is used on muscles, which is a rubbing motion that is 90 degrees to the muscle fibers, the muscle will start to separate and relax.

What usually causes muscles in the shoulders to be knotted comes from the pectoral chest muscle being too tight thus pulling the shoulders forward and stretching out the back shoulder muscles. Also, if your posture involves rounding your torso forward, your will overstretch your neck and shoulder muscles, causing knotted pain.

The shoulder/neck area is a popular “I hold my stress here” issue. Repetitive Stress can also lead to muscle hardening of the shoulders creating knots. If you are a computer user, even with the best ergonomic set up are you still susceptible to an overstretched neck and shoulder because of the way you sit leaning forward and the repetitive motion while under stress.

As per Dr. Jon Conner Cuevas DC, a leading Chiropractor in Seattle, the solution to any type of overstretched muscle is to flex the muscle in the opposite direction. If you have knots in your shoulders, you need to flex your muscles behind you. So laying down and flexing your head back into a bed or arching your back will strengthen and shorten your overstretched muscles. The muscle will no longer send the signal of pain if they are not overstretched. By correcting your posture and consistently flexing/shortening your muscles, you can alleviate your own “knotty” pain. Flexing your overstretched muscles 5 minutes a day is a noticeable and effective technique.


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