Learn Basics of Chiropractic Care

Learn Basics of Chiropractic Care

Each and everyone of us has a doctor inside.  We call this our innate intelligence.  Innate means in born.  We all have this in born intelligence that permeates along our nervous system.  This intelligences sole purpose is to sustain your health 100% of the time.  When it is not functioning at it’s optimum level innate will speak to us through symptoms.  These are the nasty feelings we associate ill health with.  No one likes to feel a symptom, but unfortunately to many people don’t ever do anything about it until it is to late.

In today’s video I will describe to you the three types of people who we serve.  You may or may not be surprised.  We have two reasons for sharing this health tip with you today.  One is that we want you to be fully aware of why some approaches do not work and the other reasons is we want to empower you.  If we help you understand who we can serve then you can help us reach out to our community and make a bigger impact than we already are.
There are thousands of people in our community who have never seen a chiropractor and that is simply not acceptable. Seattle Chiropractic Clinic as you know is about improving function which translates into a person becoming healthier.  It doesn’t matter if your an Olympic Athlete, a child, someone who is in their later years of life or have symptoms or not.  You will all benefit from taking care of your spine and nervous system.  The most important structure and system of the body is your spine and nervous system and there is not better way to take care of it than with Chiropractic care.
Please join us in making a difference in our community. We are offering people the opportunity to come get a stress test with us for just one dollar. That’s right just one dollar! It’s a fifteen minute consultation, where we evaluate their stress levels and let them know our recommendations. It’s easy, it’s empowering and it’s just a dollar. This deal is for anyone, friends, family and even coworkers. Just have them call the office and schedule with Jewels.
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