What is Wellness?

What is wellness?  If you were to ask ten people what wellness is you would get ten different answers.  Sure there would be some similarities but the answers would vary.  The terms “health” and “wellness” go hand in hand but there is a distinct difference between them.

Science estimates that our bodies are made up of 50-100 trillion cells.  We all have this magnificent ecosystem of cells inside of us.  This ecosystem or internal environment is constantly communicating with itself over and over, making sure that everyone (cell) is aware what everyone else in the area is doing with the sole purpose of keeping the ecosystem balanced or healthy.  A cell physiologist told me once that one million cells die in our bodies per second but they are replaced just as quickly.  That is staggering!  In six days your body will have produced a new stomach lining and three months from today your skeletal structure will have been replaced as well.  I am humbled by this intelligence that we all have inside.

At Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio, when we speak of health, we are talking about all these trillions of cells working together and supporting health. Health has everything to do with the internal balance of our physiological state. Wellness has to do with the balance between your mind, body and spirit and depends on how your physiology is interacting with its external environment. Is your life operating in a balanced way? Do you feel stressed in your life? If you do, this is impacting your internal environment (ecosystem of cells), which can lead to illness and/or disease.
In Chiropractic, we are most concerned about your health, which has a direct impact on your wellness. We look at the body as a whole organism and think about how its many systems work together to sustain health. In contrast, in Western Medicine many doctors tend to concentrate purely on a symptom or isolated area of the body to induce what is going on. The medical model focuses on sickness care and in Chiropractic we focus on wellness care. We teach people better self-care so they can have a happier and healthier life experience.


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