The Causes of Chronic Fatigue
I would say the most common thing people struggle with is their energy.  Everyday I hear someone complaining of how tired they are.  The diagnosis of chronic fatigue is a blanket diagnosis that MD’s give when they are unsure what is going on.
Let’s put the diagnosis aside for a moment and focus on what the body needs to sustain higher levels of health and energy.  We all know that with good amounts of exercise, healthy food sources, plenty of rest and a positive mental attitude you are going to be healthier or more energetic.  Many people do all these things and still suffer with low energy.
What most people are missing is proper spine alignment.  Our nervous system’s job is to co-ordinate all function in the body.  If your spine is out of alignment or subluxated is the term we like to use.  Then it may be a major factor in why you are struggling with energy.
In this weeks video blog I will share with you the possible causes of chronic fatigue that the scientists at the Mayo Clinic think.  Then I will explain how your spine may be involved.

This week I will be giving a talk specifically on getting an abundance of energy in your life through nutrition.  The strategies I will be sharing are simple and effective.   A friend of mine applied the four strategies and he lost 40 lbs in 5 weeks!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I will explain how he did that in my presentation.

Join us at 6:15 on Wednesday May 21, 2014.  Please RSVP with Jewels at the front desk.  This talk is a community talk so please bring your friends and/or family.
See you then!


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