The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Watch Dr. Derek introduce our Senior Massage Therapist, Jacob Caldwell, who will help explain the benefits of receiving massage therapy on a regular basis.

Using Massage and Chiropractic together will reduce overall stress by helping you adapt to life’s stressors more effectively.

By working on your soft tissue, a Licensed Massage Practitioner will help enhance the ability of your muscles to recover while reducing the recovery time needed due to day to day stress. This means your muscles hold your adjustments better and for longer amounts of time. With Chiropractic and Massage all of the systems in your body work more efficiently. This means that your body will use less energy for basic functions leaving you with more energy for life! You will feel less stressed physically, mentally and emotionally, essentially making you happier.

Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio’s Massage Club

By signing up for the Massage Club, you gain access to the benefits of regular massage at an on-going reduced rate. If you sign up to do a once-per-month program you will receive 15% off Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio regular 1-hour Massage Time-of-Service rate of $80. So, for an automatic payment of $68 per month you can add the wonderful elements of circulation and movement to your health program. Signing up for a twice-per-month program will save you 25%. For an automatic monthly payment of $120, you will receive two massages every month.

Cost of Massage
Visits Regular Rate Club Rate
1 visit per month 80 68
2 visits per month 160 120

Unused massages will rollover to the following month and 1 hour massages can be split into a combination of 30 minute massages or 15 minute chair massages.

Additional massages beyond what you receive through your chosen program will be paid for at the time of service and also be discounted to match your program rate.

Our intention is to make caring for your body in the best possible way accessible and rewarding. We invite you to experience how Massage and Chiropractic can change your life today. If you have any questions about the article or would like to sign up for the Massage Club, then please feel free to give us a call.

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