Stroke and Vitamin C
When I was seven years old my mom met Rita. Rita became my mother’s best friend and she also became our hair dresser.  I loved getting my haircut from Rita because she would wash my hair and as she was rinsing it out she would give it a squeeze to get as much water out as possible and I loved that feeling.  Rita was such a hard worker, so dedicated to her work, to her family and to her friends.  She is such a passionate person with much spirit for life and she was never shy to let you know her opinion.  An endearing quality, I loved Rita for so many reasons.

When Rita was in her 50’s she had a stroke.  It was a big stroke that affected her memory, her ability to speak, her ability to walk and live life normally.  The doctors told Rita that she would never be able to go back to her life that she had created for herself.  She had a very successful business and was a significant contributor in the community.  She lost partial use of her right arm and leg.  The doctors were not painting a very promising picture for her.

To say what the doctors said was not acceptable to Rita is putting it lightly.  She was not having anything to do with their prognosis.  Rita was committed to getting her life back.  She started to practice how to speak and use her arm and she forced herself to walk.  Everyday she did her exercises and eventually she was walking 5-10 miles a day.  She was so determined to go back to work and she did!  Within a year she was living a very similar life that she had previously.  Their were some limitations but she was able to serve people and be happy with what life had dealt her.

I often wonder if Rita did a few things differently with her health if she would have been able to avoid the stroke?  She was fortunate to be able to recover the way she did.  Honestly, I can not imagine her not recovering with some functionality, she is just one of those types of people that makes life happen and does not wait for it to happen to her.  However, there are many people who either do not survive a stroke or are severely debilitated.

Listen in to today’s video blog to learn about the latest research about Stroke and Vitamin C.  The take home message is that we need to be taking care of ourselves with a wholistic mindset.  It isn’t about one vitamin or one condition, it is all about how do we care for our lives in all that we do.

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