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Dr. Derek Strachan D.C.

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My wife and I have a shared purpose of raising our children in a wellness lifestyle. We are committed to teaching them about the natural laws of the universe. Chiropractic is founded on the principles of natural health and I have made it a part of my life’s purpose to teach my community about these same principles at my Divine Spine Chiropractic clinic.

When I was 10 years old the doctors wanted to take my leg. They thought I had cancer and they were prepared to amputate my lower left leg. My mother wouldn’t let them and she demanded that the doctors do more tests. When they did they realized that they made a mistake and the tumor that was in my leg was benign. Thank goodness for my mother’s intuition.

The doctors cut out the tumor and left the healthy bone so it could grow back the part that was removed. This was fascinating to me. I became so interested in the human body and wanted to know more. I wanted to know how it was possible for my leg to grow back but people were still paralyzed? This was the beginning of my journey to becoming a wellness provider.


I went to Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, CA, and graduated with honors in 2003. I was the president of the philosophy club and have been an instructor in multiple technique seminars with Arno Burnier D.C. and Jay Komarek D.C.

My life experiences are what led me to dedicate my life to health and wellness. Everything we do in our practice at Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio is focused on educating people on how to optimize their health.

We promote believing in the body and its remarkable ability to heal from the inside out. My children have lived each and every day with the understanding that they have everything they need to achieve optimum levels of health already inside them. When they are sick, we don’t reach for the medicine cabinet. Instead, we get adjusted; we increase our water and vitamin intake and get plenty of rest to allow our bodies to heal themselves.

Every day we are confronted with decisions that affect our lives. Each decision affects our health in way or another. At Divine Spine Chiropractic Studio, we focus on teaching you the most advanced ways to take care of your spine and nervous system through positive, wellness-based life habits.

About my passion

I am extremely passionate about chiropractic and health. One area in particular that is dear to my heart is caring for infants and children. We have many babies who come to us with issues sleeping, breathing or nursing, as well as babies whose parents simply understand and value the importance of a healthy nervous system. It is vital that children be checked for subluxations to be sure they are developing to their fullest potential without any interference from the spine. I also care for people well into their retirement years. Each and every person has the right to achieve optimum health in a safe and effective way.

I have dedicated my life to becoming a wellness practitioner who educates the public on the best ways to eat, move, and think- the three key components to staying healthy. I am grateful to have studied chiropractic and to serve the community of Ballard with that knowledge.



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