How Chiropractic Works

How Chiropractic Works

In 1895 Daniel David Palmer founded Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa with the first chiropractic adjustment to a partially deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard.  A few days later, Mr. Lillard mentioned to Palmer that his hearing seemed better.  This led to D.D. Palmer opened a school of Chiropractic two years later.  He founded the profession primarily on vitalism, naturalism, magnetism, and spiritualism in an attempt to merge science with metaphysics.  Palmer was a magnetic healer and an anatomist.  He dedicated his life to understanding the human body and how it works.

He believed the power that made your body is what heals your body.  He promoted health and healing from within. Seattle Chiropractic clinic takes an inside-out philosophy, not an outside-in approach as medicine does.  We all have this intelligence or life force inside our bodies; in chiropractic, we call this your innate intelligence.  “Innate” means in-born; we have this in-born intelligence that flows along with the nervous system.  Our nervous system is the master controlling system of the entire body.  Every muscle, gland, blood vessel, organ, or system is connected to the nervous system.  There isn’t anything that happens in your body that does not involve the nervous system.

Therefore, the spine becomes a very important structure because it is where the spinal cord lives. The spine protects this conduit between the brain and nerves which communicate the brain’s life-sustaining messages.  When our spines are pulled out of alignment, we call this a “subluxation.”  Subluxations create nerve disturbance between the brain and body and cause dysfunction.  This dysfunction is referred to as a state of dis-ease.  Dis-ease sometimes causes symptoms and sometimes does not.  Regardless of the presentation of symptoms, dis-ease can lead to disease if the problem persists long enough.  This is the main reason why we recommend everyone be checked for subluxations.  A spine without subluxations is a healthier body functioning without nerve interference.  This means your body can and will regulate its health more effectively and protect you from ill health. A healthy functioning nervous system means a healthy working body and as a result, you feel better.  Chiropractic is a natural approach to restoring your health without the use of drugs or surgery- we leave that to medical doctors.  We are more interested in finding the cause of your health problems and correcting them at the source so you can live a vitalistic, self-sustained lifestyle.

If you have never been checked for subluxations now is the time to take action & visit to see a chiropractor in Seattle.  We invite you to schedule a thorough examination so you can understand how your nervous system is functioning.  This will allow you to make educated decisions about your health.

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