Health Care or Disease Care?
I am sure I am not the first person who has proposed this question to you.  Is our system a true Health Care system or is it a Sick Care system?  Does the system work or is it broken?  What does it really mean to be healthy?  Is health the absence of disease?  Can you be healthy and have symptoms?  Can you have no symptoms and be healthy?
Most of us have never considered many of these questions.  If you have not, I am inviting you to consider them now.  Why would it be important to look at these questions closely?  The reason is because our health is our most important asset.  If we do not have our health we are in trouble!  Nothing else in life matters if you do not have your health.
Therefore, what are you doing to protect your health?  Are you the type of person that waits to have pain or some type of symptom before you act on your health or do you go after your health proactively?  I sure hope you are being proactive, if you are not then you are at a greater risk of something going wrong.
There is plenty of research that shows people who have good life habits are always healthier.  Our bodies will break down over the years but we can slow down the aging process by taking care of ourselves TODAY!  Do not wait, you will be sorry.  It is my belief that we are meant to pass peacefully and not hooked up to a machine or be on pain killers just to get by.
Pain serves a purpose, it is the indicator that something is going on in the body that is not right.  You get to choose if your going to act on it or not.  Too many people wait till it is too late.  Do not be that person, take action today and get adjusted, eat well, exercise, sleep well and think positvely.  We say, Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well and your health will improve dramatically.
Tune into my video blog today to learn more.  And for those of you who want more, who want to improve your health but also your entire life then come check out our Lifebook program we are previewing on September 15th at 7pm in the office. 
Make it a powerful week!


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