Day 16: 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

How is the challenge going?  You still pumped up!  I know I am.  I am so excited to hear from some of you and the successes you are having.  There are still a good number of you who are not totally happy with the results so far.  I totally understand and know that you are not alone.

Today I want to introduce you to Emily Conard.  She is a local personal trainer who has a unique approach to personal training that is very congruent with how we work.  Take a moment to check out the video and meet Emily.  She is highly recommended.  She has a vast knowledge in personal fitness and nutrition.  For some of you she would be a perfect fit.
Remember the formula,  Calories IN vs Calories OUT.  What side of the coin are you on?  Use Emily as a resource, it could change your life forever! Her information is listed below.
Emily Conard
Epic Fitness


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