Dancing Can Help With Bone Health

Dancing is Good Medicine for Your Bones

It’s not easy to emphasize the importance of being active. Movement is essential, like medicine for people of all ages. People who remain active through their lives doing anything; exercising, dancing, bike riding, or serious gardening have a better average bone density comparable to that of a teenage boy even in old age.  

Even the sick will see an improvement in their bone density just by getting off medication and bouncing back to working out, and getting back to serious gardening as soon as possible.

Dancing is the spice of life

A recent study shows that dancing may be the most effective exercise for slowing down the aging process. Not to mention it’s also the most fun! The combination of memorizing choreography, balancing, and listening to music proved a more significant health benefit than sports in this study of seniors being active.

Dancing helps prevent osteoporosis. The top 3 exercises to prevent osteoporosis and build bone mass and density are weight-bearing, resistance, and flexibility. As a weight-bearing exercise, dancing is an excellent option.  For resistance training, many gyms offer water aerobics, which makes muscles work harder.  Yoga and Tai Chi are great ways to improve flexibility and help keep bones strong.

Keep physically active

Exercise doesn’t have to mean lifting a lot of weight or running, especially if that doesn’t feel possible.  The important thing is to be active regularly, in enjoyable ways.  If setbacks or health challenges occur, it is therapeutic to get back to whatever exercise or physical activity one loves. 

It can be anything. Taking a walk outside, feeling the breeze on the face, and feeling the grace and gift of living deep in the bones also count.



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