Chronic Stress And Your Health

You probably have heard that the number one killer in America is stress.  It is no secret that stress has damaging affects to our physicality.  Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Obesity no matter what the illness or disease it all begins with stress.  No matter if it is mental, emotional, chemical or physical stress, stress is stress and it will always manifest itself the same way in your body as tension or tightness.

Imagine if you had a piece of rope and you tide a knot in it.  Wouldn’t the ends of the rope be shorter?  Absolutely!

The muscles of your neck attach to the base of your skull and to your shoulder.  Take a moment and put your right hand on your left shoulder and press in it firmly…   Come on, just amuse me for a moment.  Put your right hand on your left shoulder and press in.   Can you feel that knot sitting there?  Of course you can, we all have them.

That knot is just like the knot in the piece of rope and your muscles are just like the rope.  What this means is your muscles are shortened because of stress and they are ripping your skull off center.  Now you may or may not have symptoms that you are taking medication for.  Regardless, these tight muscles are having an impact on your spine and your nervous system.
When you have interference to the nerve energy from your brain to the tissues of the body symptoms may or many not occur.  I assure you there will eventually be symptoms if you leave your spine in this state long enough.  This is where Chiropractic becomes extremely important.  Having a well aligned spine allows for optimum nerve expression from the brain to the body and back.  This allows your body to regulate it’s health effectively and efficiently.

With a healthy aligned spine, you not only feel better your healthier!  This means your nervous system can adapt to more stress.  Stress does not become as big of a problem when your nervous system is functioning properly.  We call this widening the gap or improving your nervous systems adaptability to stress.

The other way to help your body deal with stress is to reduce the amount of stress you expose yourself to.  For some that is easy to do, but for most it is almost impossible.  So what can you do.  In addition to Chiropractic I want to share some nutritional things you can do.  Click on my video blog to learn more.

Remember, with more stress in your body it leads to unhealthy chemistry flowing in your body which causes it to break down so much faster.  Higher functioning nervous system combined with less stress in life your health score goes way up!

My hope is you take to heart my recommendations and start applying them.  You are worth it, you do have enough time and resources, you really do.  It is a matter of making your health a priority.

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