Chronic Inflammation Part 2!!
Last week we talked about the impact stress has on producing inflammation in your body and the importance of having a properly working nervous system to ensure your immune system is working efficiently so your body can sustain it’s own health naturally.  This week let’s discuss the role that food has on inflammation.
I am sure you have heard the old saying, you are what you eat.  There is so much evidence that supports this old adage literally.  A mentor of mine use to say that our bodies are so amazing.  They can take a twinkie that you eat and convert it into your eye ball cells or your liver cells, any cells of your body.  It is true, no matter what you eat, your body can convert that food into your cells.  How amazing is that!
I am humbled by our in born intelligence that we all have to sustain health and to regenerate health.  Each and everyone of us has this immense capacity to heal from the inside out and when we give this intelligence all it needs for healing, magic happens.  I have been blessed to witness this first hand as a  Chiropractor for more than 10 years and every time (100%) your body will heal if you give it what it needs.
The question is what does it need?  For starters, it needs the right foods, it needs plenty of rest, it needs exercise, it needs a positive out look on life and it needs a proper working nervous system.  The last one is the most important.  Think about it, if you don’t have energy flowing along your nervous system, your dead!  Taking care of your spine becomes the most important part of this equation.  So if your not doing this, or any of your loved one’s are not having their spine worked on by a Chiropractor then your not going to be able to optimize your health and well being.
In my video blog today I will share with you interesting research that came out in June of this year on the power of food and reducing inflammation.  After listening to this blog I am confident it will cause you to consider taking some different action on your health.
Remember, there is nothing more important than your health and who is responsible for it…?  Exactly, you are!
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