3 Foods to Help Hydrate your Headaches Away

3 Foods to Help Hydrate your Headaches Away
3 foods to help hydrate your headaches away

Keep headaches at bay with these three powerful rehydrators.

Eating your water is a wonderful way to make sure you stay hydrated and headache free.  Many different foods offer a source of water, and some are particularly useful in preventing the onset of headaches. Next time you feel a headache coming on, reach for one of these dependable produce gems.


Not only is pineapple rich in juice, it is bolstered with bromelain, an enzyme which works against inflammation. (1) Try adding it to your breakfast smoothie as it works best on an empty stomach!


High levels of the amino acid tyramine can trigger migraine sufferers, be sure to compost your cucumber when you see an abundance of sticky residue when slicing. Otherwise, they are amazing and if cool and fresh can offer both preventative hydration and relief for headaches. Bonus, they are great to place cool slices over your eyes during a headache onset, in addition to eating!


Apples, our local Washington bounty and classically recommended “one-a-day” fruit can help the body to balance the alkaline and acidity values. (3) Be mindful of choosing lighter skinned apples as dark red is higher in tannin which can be a migraine trigger.  Even the act of inhaling a green apple, which carries its scent directly to your brain, has been noted to reduce migraine severity. (4) Additionally, a preparation of Apple cider vinegar is rich in minerals, and when added to water can be an excellent way to get to the root of your pain and heal it naturally. (5)

Natural & Delicious Prevention

The philosophy of prevention as the best medicine is at the core of Chiropractic philosophy, as is strengthening your body to help it heal itself. Not only these three foods carry within them a bounty of water (note to self, drink some water!) but they also offer key nutrients that help fight off headaches. Try incorporating them into your diet as prevention, and remember to reach for them when you start to feel the first symptoms of headache.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, we encourage you to learn more about prevention, attend our free workshop, and schedule an appointment for a thorough exam.  A Chiropractor can partner with you to address chronic headache pain. Treatment begins by evaluating the alignment of the spine and then works to correct any imbalances which may be creating stress on the system and causing your headaches.

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