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Lower Your Stress with Healthy Holiday Snacks

Image of Walnuts
Stay mellow as the Holiday Season by stocking up on healthy snacks to keep your brain sharp and your stress levels down. Give yourself a fighting chance over cold bugs by staying extra wise about whole food go-to grabs.

These rich sources of goodness aren’t shaped like a brain on accident. Feed your mind with walnuts! They are an excellent source of DHA, which is an Omega-3 that boosts your cognitive health. (1) Keep them extra fresh by purchasing your walnuts in-shell. Cracking them counts as a mindful stress-busting exercise. Now all you need is a nutcracker!

High in Vitamin C and fiber, an organic apple is a perfect snack. We all know the old Welsh proverb and you may be pleasantly surprised to learn specifically that daily apple is good for your brain. With an abundance of the antioxidant quercetin, apples help to improve your neurological health. (3) As a Chiropractic office, that makes this immunity booster is a fave!

If you feel hesitant to snack healthy in the land of decadence that the Holiday Season is, stave off deprivation and stress with Marcona almonds seasoned with rosemary and a pinch of sea salt. This rich, crunchy and flavorful treat is loaded with 20 grams of protein per cup to fuel your mind in a heart-healthy way. The rosemary really makes it happen, with the added health benefits of headache relief, increased circulation and as an aromatic anxiety soother. (2) You can find these pre-made or DIY!  Soak raw, organic almonds overnight in water to remove the skins and add a titch of olive or truffle oil plus rosemary and sea salt. Shake and share!

Speaking of DIY…

Holiday Snacks Mason Jar Style
Never be caught in a panic for protein! Who needs the added stress of figuring out lunch when you can pack a stylish snack (or meal) to go in a mason jar for hipster cred and because they are delicious and comforting, like hygge in your hand.  Hygge may sound old hat, but we argue that true comfort never goes out of style. The same goes for Mason jars.

AM Snack: Start your day with probiotics + protein! Unsweetened Coconut Milk Yogurt (plain or vanilla) is amazing, or try organic sheep milk yogurt if you do dairy. Add a drizzle of raw honey, and 1 TBS of dried goji berries. Delish!
Savory Sip: Your Favorite Bone broth or Miso soup with tofu cubes for elevensies or lunch. Try adding rosemary to your bone broth, a Practice Member brought us in a jar seasoned with this magical add-in and it tasted amazing. Plus it helps lower cortisol (stress response hormone). Heat and enjoy!
Savory Root Salad: Start with a dressing of your choice on the bottom of your jar (Goddess Dressing is delicious!). Add chopped cucumber, sheep milk feta (or skip it for vegan), garbanzo beans (pan toasted if you are feeling fancy with a sprinkle of anti-inflammatory turmeric), a selection of roasted beets, yams and/or carrots with seasoned with turmeric, and chopped spinach & romaine. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds or crushed walnuts. Shake when you are ready to eat. 

Probiotic Party Tray

Perfect for snacking at the office or to bring to your holiday party. Skip the processed meats and build your tray around a savory array of Olives. Choose organic brine-cured and add salted pickled gherkins and a selection of raw sheep and goats milk cheeses. These probiotic-rich foods boost your energy by stimulating the production of Vitamin B-12, and help your skin glow. (4) Add a few sliced veggies like celery and cucumber as a vehicle for enjoying the cheese, and top it all off with a handful of walnuts, almonds, and a sprinkling of goji berries for a decorative and delicious offering that won’t give you brain fog.


Sweets offer a stress relief that is sadly short-lived. For a more sustainable lift, choose anti-inflammatory, protein-rich, and fermented treats over sugar at least some if not most of the time.  The above list a great place to start, and certainly follow your intuition and check out what your body craves to see its health benefits. Swap lower glycemic sweeteners like raw honey or pure maple syrup for sugar, and brown rice syrup for corn syrup. And if (when) you indulge in chocolate, choose dark!

The perk of staying with whole and minimally processed foods for your building block snacks is that their increased anti-inflammatory and nutrient-rich properties help your stress levels drop and your brain power surge. They don’t sabotage your digestion, and in fact often help it. All this and more makes work days become clearer while leaving you plenty of natural energy to enjoy the starry skies and Holiday Cheer. We hope you enjoy noshing on these delicious options. (Kombucha cheers, Seattle!)

Here’s to your healthiest year yet!

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