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How You Can Control Your Blood Sugar

Often people will ask me what they can do at home to help improve their health.  There are so many ways we can take control of our health.  Today I will be sharing tips on how you can take control of your blood sugar levels.  It seems appropriate to be talking about blood sugar during the week of Halloween.

Too many Americans do not pay attention to their health habits before it is too late.  Things like Diabetes can be totally avoided the majority of the time.  Diabetes is one of those lifestyle diseases; its risk factors are something you can control now in order to prevent the disease from ever occurring in the first place.  Keep in mind that when your blood sugar spikes, your pancreas has to produce insulin to up-take the blood sugar from the blood stream so the levels don’t get dangerously high.  If this is happening chronically over time, your risk of Diabetes goes way up.  Your pancreas can only produce a certain amount of insulin in it’s life span.  If you burn out your pancreas early on in life then you have to become dependent on insulin injections because your body is not producing it’s own.

Tune into this week’s video blog to learn some natural ways to control your blood sugar levels. Otherwise, you may be one of many baby boomers who are relying on medicine to control symptoms. It is completely avoidable if you act immediately. See below for more information from our Nutritional Therapist, Emma Davis Ganger, about choosing healthier sweeteners.
Have a healthy and happy weekend!

Dr. Derek Strachan D.C.

How to Choose a Healthier Sweetener

Sugar seems to be a non-negotiable fact of life today, as much as nutritionists might wish it weren’t true. It can feel impossible to abandon sugar completely, so when you want to indulge, consider these options:

·      Honey
Honey is one of the first “natural” sweeteners that most people think of, and for good reason. It’s been one of the most precious sources of natural sugar in more recent human history, and has been used medicinally for much of that time. Unfortunately, much of what is sold in supermarkets in the United States has been adulterated with additives like high-fructose corn syrup. Fortunately, we have lots of options for real honey! The best honey is local and truly raw. Raw honey that is unheated and unstrained contains by far the most health benefits. Of course, if you’ll be cooking with your honey or heating it in any way, this is not as big of a priority. Of course, honey is VERY sweet, so a little bit is plenty.

·      Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar (also called palm sugar, or even coconut palm sugar) is one of my favorites. It’s sweet, it’s lower glycemic, and it’s got quite a few trace minerals going on. Consider this granulated option as a 1:1 sub for cane sugar in baking!

·      Rapadura Sugar
This is cane sugar, but it is usually organic and unrefined, so it’s a big step up.

·      Maple Syrup
Choose Grade B Organic, and you’re getting more minerals. Again, keep intake low, but definitely feel free to add this to the rotation.

·      Coconut Syrup
This is the liquid version of granulated coconut sugar, and the benefits are the same. Enjoy!