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Fine Tune Your Goals

Chances of keeping up with new health habits improve with these 3 strategies

Guitar player and text says When you know WHY you want to rock you have a REASON to. Fine Tune Your Goals

Don’t let your good intentions fall by the wayside.

It’s the end of January and you have banked extra sleep, put in good work at the gym, or been drinking extra water.  Keep the ball rolling in the direction of your target.


Whatever your goal is, you can incorporate these strategies to achieve success. 
First off, give yourself props for the effort you have put in. Even if you haven’t stuck exactly to your vision. Any work you have done to incorporate a healthy habit into your life is golden.
Assess: is it too hard to meet your plan and you’re tempted to scrap the whole idea? If so, go back and check out this goal-setting strategy to set achievable goals. 

Move forward! Check out the three new points of action included in Dr. Derek’s health latest video. (it’s about 2 minutes)


Know your WHY

Identify what drives you to reach your goal. This is a key that can unlock the willingness needed to make it happen. 
Are you motivated by your desire to keep up with your kid on the soccer field?
To have more years at the end of your life? (Flossing every day can get you up to 6.4 years!)
Are you driven by a calling to serve populations less privileged? To share the story of how you came out of hardship in hopes of inspiring others? To change the world? Get down to the core reasons why.
Do you want to love how you look and feel?
Hone in on what you want to feel. Start taking steps in this direction.

“If your WHY is big enough, you’re going to be more successful”  ~ Dr. Derek Strachan

 Get to know your reason behind your goals and use it as fuel to reach them.

Get an Accountability Partner

Having a person in your life who knows what you’re up to and can be on your team is power. 
When they know what you want to achieve, and why, you have an investor. 
You may need to invest in an investor. Hiring a personal trainer, a financial coach, or specialist in the area you are working in. Remember, this is an investment in yourself. 
Blessed with a friend or partner excited to be on your team? Share your plans, your strategies and your ACTION.
Showing up for a workout at 6 in the morning may sound rough. When you are meeting a friend at the gym you have all the more reason to be there. 

This can be a real win-win for people with similar goals.

Getting (and being) a cheerleader is a boost of energy that can make all the difference in how far you get to your target.  Who do you have in your life that can support your goals?


Check in to win!

Use your accountability partner as often as you can. 
Set up a schedule to work with them on the regular. 
What works best for you? Here are some ideas:
  • Daily accountability text
  • Workout together 1-2 days a week
  • Meet once a week for an hour to talk goals, actions, progress, and fine-tune your goals
  • Tell one of your regular health care providers your goals and ask how they can support you
  • Join a Team or group that does what you want to do
  • Watch inspirational videos on your goal topic
  • Write down your goals and check them off daily
Most important, don’t give up! 
If you set a target to workout 3 times a week and you’re not making it happen, reach out for help. Don’t be too proud to fine tune your goal to an achievable one.

Move towards your best self. You are worth it.


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