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Divine Spine October 2017 Newsletter

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Being active every day makes it easier to hear that inner voice.

Haruki Murakami

Adapt to Change by Exercising Choices

We make choices every day which affect our health and well-being. What to eathow much to sleep; what we do with our time has an impact on our vitality. What if these choices are made in stressed times where quick fixes are within arms’ reach but may not be the best long-term choice? We can hear our own wisdom when we pause to ask. If you feel called to create habits more consciously, cultivate the space to listen to your innate intelligence.
Fostering good health habits can be as simple as stepping out your door with a packed lunch and some water. Some sweet fresh air could be just the space your soul needs to pipe up with ideas for living your best life. Carve out a little time for a walk in the trees. Netflix will still be waiting. Support your brain and body by moving and eating well. Being active and staying agile is key to boosting immunity, and preventing diseases like Parkinson’s (read more)

Best Fall Walking Trails

There is a lovely loop around Golden Gardens. If you are a Ballard local, do a full six-mile walk or catch a bit up by the dog park. Try one of these 5 tree-topped Seattle trails (full list).

Healthy Eating

Eat what’s Fresh- Amber’s own Salmon Ceviche recipe is a tasty way to kick off October’s unprocessed foods challenge!

Rustle up your own PNW clams to pepper this Abruzzi Fish Stew Recipe, an Italian comfort staple.

Pack up these Clean Eating Recipes for lunch and save your dollars (or splurge on your Halloween Costume this year). Packed lunches aren’t just for kids! (And here’s some great quick and clean gourmet lunch ideas for the kids.)

Upcoming events

Full Body Foam Rolling Class
Wed. October 18th 6:15-7:00 pm

Adventure Race for Parkinson’s
Sat. September 30th 1-2:30 pm

For a bonus Halloween Health tip, check out this vintage video blog from Dr. Derek!
We welcome you all to Fall, may its beauty inspire you to live your best life!

In Heath,
The Divine Spine Team