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Posts from: Massage

Free Up Your Fascia

4 Great Ways to Connect with your Connective Tissue Much like how the nerves of a leaf connect and animate it branch to tip, so too is the system of fascia within the human body. This hidden system of fascia: complex, woven, like layered webs; is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue which covers and […]

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Summer Pregnancy Self-Care

Keeping stress down and energy up is especially important during pregnancy. Summer is a great time to unwind, yet it can also end up being busy! Be sure to schedule some much needed self-care time throughout your days to help set you up for success. These three approaches can revitalize, refresh, and support your system […]

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3 Pressure Points for Headache Management

Stop Headaches Before They Stop You Being a small business owner, a parent, awake…comes with stress. Add the fact that women are 3 times as likely as men to have migraines and it becomes clear a strategy is needed to bridge the gap. The power is in your hands. While professional Massage can most certainly […]

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Receiving a Massage Makes you Smarter!

There are two complementary systems to our bodies Nervous system called the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is in charge of your at-rest body systems that are responsible for the “rest-and-digest” activities. The Sympathetic Nervous System does the opposite and is responsible for the “Flight-or-Fight” response which helps […]

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Why do Back Muscles feel like a Knot or a Rope?

Often people refer to the pain in their shoulders as “knots” or “ropes”. Knots and Ropes are muscles that are being overstretched. A “Knot” is where the tendon attaches to the bone and is inflamed. A “Rope” is the muscle belly which is being overly stretched like a tightly tuned guitar string ready to snap. […]

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