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Posts from: Headaches

Lower Your Stress with Healthy Holiday Snacks

Stay mellow as the Holiday Season by stocking up on healthy snacks to keep your brain sharp and your stress levels down. Give yourself a fighting chance over cold bugs by staying extra wise about whole food go-to grabs. Walnuts These rich sources of goodness aren’t shaped like a brain on accident. Feed your mind with […]

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3 Foods to Help Hydrate your Headaches Away

Eating your water is a wonderful way to make sure you stay hydrated and headache free.  Many different foods offer a source of water, and some are particularly useful in preventing the onset of headaches. Next time you feel a headache coming on, reach for one of these dependable produce gems. Pineapple Not only is pineapple […]

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3 Pressure Points for Headache Management

Stop Headaches Before They Stop You Being a small business owner, a parent, awake…comes with stress. Add the fact that women are 3 times as likely as men to have migraines and it becomes clear a strategy is needed to bridge the gap. The power is in your hands. While professional Massage can most certainly […]

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Try This Migraine-Fighting Smoothie Booster

First of all, migraines and other headaches can be triggered by skipping meals (1). So while you are being sure to get your three square, get off to a winning start by adding in this power plant to your first meal of the day! Ginger Try adding 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of fresh or powdered […]

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3 Strategies to Reduce Your Child’s Headaches

It’s hard to watch the people in your life suffer, especially your kids. We support your family in learning some great prevention and treatments to help reduce the headaches and migraines for your children. Headache Prevention 1-2-3 Reduce Stress  Help your child reduce any stress and anxiety that may be triggering headaches.Amy Przeworski, Ph.D. suggests […]

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