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Agility for Parkinson’s and a Race for the Cure


Breaking news this week is that the genealogy company 23andMe is researching DNA data for indicators of Parkinson’s Disease in quest for a cure. This in the month the American Parkinson Disease Association (ADPA) comes to Ballard with the Pacific NW Adventure Race event to raise Parkinson’s awareness and support research for a cure.  A cure is possible, and it starts with prevention.

Reduce your risk of Parkinson’s with some great preventative actions:

Exercise for Agility

Reduce your risk for Parkinson’s with regular aerobic exercise, (4) and it is suggested to stay active with a focus on agility if symptoms start setting in. The NY Times reports that exercise programs designed to improve agility have greatly improved the well-being, independence, and functional abilities of people with Parkinson’s. Read more about how using principles and practice of Tai Chi, Pilates, agility regimens and special Rock Steady Boxing programs help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. (2)  For Parkinson’s specific exercise classes in the PNW, see the upcoming classes and events from the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation.

Drink Green Tea

Mayo Clinic reports that caffeine has been shown to decrease risk of developing Parkinson’s.  (4) We suggest choosing a healthful cup of green tea as a gentler option to receive this supplement of Seattle’s favorite “Vitamin C.” Green tea also has also been shown in some studies to have a neuroprotective effect as a result of its phylenol content. (6) Other studies show that due to higher caffeine volume, black tea is preferable. (7) We trust many of you prefer coffee, Seattle. Either way, be mindful of your caffeine intake and take a cup (or two, wisely) as it is best as prevention. (7)

Supplement with Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is an important boost to many of us Pacific NW residents who need extra sunshine, especially after all the smoke that filled our skies this summer. We recommend the highest quality Innate Choice Fish Oil with Vitamins A & D. Even though it comes from fish, Fish Oil has a 0 protein content.

Lower Protein for those with Parkinson’s

23andMe reports indicators in DNA which can predict susceptibility to developing Parkinson’s, and their studies show that a promising new drug is in clinical trials. (3) These target abnormal protein bundles. (3) A lower-protein diet, reaching a maximum of 12 percent of daily calorie intake is recommended by some physicians for those people looking to reduce their symptoms. (5)

Whether you or someone you love is experiencing symptoms or diagnosis of Parkinson’s, we want to offer you hope today by affirming accessible ways you can reach for prevention and cure.  As a Chiropractic wellness office, we are deeply invested in neurological health. Our office is on your team! Please contact us with any questions about the upcoming Adventure Race, or register your team here.



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