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3 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress at Work

Get the mind-clearing benefits of exercise throughout your day

Reduce Holiday Work Stress 3 Solutions for your Office Time to move woman checks phone

If you can carve out 1-2 minutes every 45 minutes in your workday to do a few sets of stairs or push-ups, you’ll get a 20-minute workout throughout your 8-hour day. 

It’s the time of year where it’s easy to be distracted by sparkling holiday lights and stressed by extra tasks. Here are a few strategies Dr. Strachan recommends for reducing holiday stress at work. Try them out to boost focus, productivity, and calm.

One of the best ways to optimize your brain performance is to stay active.

Be mindful to not settle into a stiff rut to focus. Open yourself up to get moving in small ways, either at or near your workspace.

The key factor here is movement. Because we can literally get addicted to indulging our sedentary nature, Katy Bowman, author of Don’t Just Sit There, encourages people to be mindful of not staying static in one position all day.

Consider the angle of your neck as you read and type. Is it locked? Turn your head and neck and roll your shoulders throughout the day to prevent lockdown.

If you have a standing desk, utilize a mat with different heights to shift weight and sit from time to time. If you are seated most of your workday, take breaks at least every hour to stretch, stand, walk, and get micro-movements and mini workouts in.

Do Short Bursts of Activity Throughout the Day

Entrepreneur magazine highlights a great case for multiple short stints of movement throughout the day to benefit your health, which could add up to be even more effective than an hour at the gym. It all depends on what you do.

Long lazy walks on an elliptical, as beneficial as they can be, won’t do as much for your body and mind as short bursts of all-out weight-bearing exercise.

If you can carve out 1-2 minutes every 45 minutes in your workday to a few sets of stairs or push-ups you get a 20-minute workout throughout your 8-hour day.

Stave off the holiday weight gain and get all the mind-clearing benefits of exercise.

What does this have to do with decreasing stress and increasing productivity at work? Everything. Movement keeps your mind sharp. Working out helps improve mood as well as focus.

Set a Timer to Remember to Move

To help facilitate this process, try setting a timer for every 45 minutes. If you can get up and do weight-bearing exercises you will be doing yourself a huge favor. For example, you’ll be staving off osteoporosis by building bone density and saving precious time later in the day when you may have gone to the gym.

The New York Times writes about some great really short workout options. At a minimum, you will benefit from an hourly pause to stretch, grab tea, drink water, walk around a bit or even do a short mindfulness meditation. All of this helps you get back to being productive and handling end-of-year tasks.

Make Exercise a Team Effort

If you want to propel your success even higher, get your co-workers on board. Stop as a group to do 2 minutes of movement. For more on this, read our full published article here on Townsquared

Thank you for your interest in health and wellness, may it serve you well this Holiday Season!

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