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Posts from: November 2017

The Health Benefits of Gratitude

How to Cultivate Good Health with Expressions Of Thankfulness We invite you to tap into gratitude as you contemplate giving this Holiday Season.  And to create a habit of gratitude as an intentional health benefit both for yourself and the people in your life. In Zoology, the definition of altruism is the behavior of an animal […]

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Dancing is Good Medicine for Your Bones

A dear friend of mine went through treatment for Cancer several years ago. As a part of her many rounds of tests, it was found that she had better than average bone density. Like, the bone density of a teenage boy. She attributed this to a life of being active, bike riding, and serious gardening. […]

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Lower Your Stress with Healthy Holiday Snacks

Stay mellow as the Holiday Season by stocking up on healthy snacks to keep your brain sharp and your stress levels down. Give yourself a fighting chance over cold bugs by staying extra wise about whole food go-to grabs. Walnuts These rich sources of goodness aren’t shaped like a brain on accident. Feed your mind with […]

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Free Up Your Fascia

4 Great Ways to Connect with your Connective Tissue Much like how the nerves of a leaf connect and animate it branch to tip, so too is the system of fascia within the human body. This hidden system of fascia: complex, woven, like layered webs; is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue which covers and […]

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Pay Back Your Sleep Debt

You can help prevent sleeplessness by avoiding caffeine after noon, limiting sweets before bed, and reducing harsh screen light in the evening.  But once sleeplessness strikes and sabotages the night, how long will the haze of sleep deprivation last, and how long will it take us to catch up on those ZZZs? The key solution […]

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Stoke Your Inner Fire

Now that the weather is turning cold on the regular, consider a few accessible ways to cultivate inner warmth and create cozy.  These three tips are a wonderful way to start and end a day. Drink Hot Tea  Make a cup of soothing and stimulating tea. Chai is a fall favorite, or try these medicinal […]

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