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Posts from: August 2017

How to Boost Memory, Confidence and Immunity with Better Sleep

Getting your Vitamin Z is especially important as seasons and routines change. Studies have shown that your brain and body function better when you get the optimum amount of sleep. (1) Here are the ins and outs of who needs what sleep, how to get it and why. Who you are helps to determine how […]

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Benefits of Beginning a Yoga Practice Today

Happy Solar Eclipse, Seattle! The simple movement of heavenly bodies produced quite an amazing effect; chilled air, the singing of birds, the gathering of people to watch the sun cast a golden crown on the moon. These daily gifts of sunrise and moon-set fell into a spectacular alignment, producing quite an energetic and powerful impact […]

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Summer Pregnancy Self-Care

Keeping stress down and energy up is especially important during pregnancy. Summer is a great time to unwind, yet it can also end up being busy! Be sure to schedule some much needed self-care time throughout your days to help set you up for success. These three approaches can revitalize, refresh, and support your system […]

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3 Foods to Help Hydrate your Headaches Away

Eating your water is a wonderful way to make sure you stay hydrated and headache free. ¬†Many different foods¬†offer a source of water, and some are particularly useful in preventing the onset of headaches. Next time you feel a headache coming on, reach for one of these dependable produce gems. Pineapple Not only is pineapple […]

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