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Posts from: August 2014

Chronic Inflammation Part 2!!

Last week we talked about the impact stress has on producing inflammation in your body and the importance of having a properly working nervous system to ensure your immune system is working efficiently so your body can sustain it’s own health naturally.  This week let’s discuss the role that food has on inflammation. I am […]

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Reduce Chronic Inflammation- Extend Your Life

We have all been there before when we feel pain.  What is it that we are really feeling?  It is inflammation to some degree that we are experiencing on our bodies.  Inflammation can obviously be caused by trauma like a car accident or some type of fall etc..  Inflammation is more common than you might […]

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Cycles of Life

This past week I was on Holiday with my family celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday up in British Columbia.  We were up at a cabin along side a beautiful mountain lake.  Check it out in my video blog attached. While I was there I was reflecting on my visit with my Mom and the rest […]

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Amazing Chiropractic Testimony!

  Helping people is always an amazing experience, it is always so rewarding to see people get better and achieve their goals. Sometimes, though, there is an extraordinary experience, like the one Katharine had here at our studio. Take a moment to watch the video and hear just how chiropractic has helped her. If you […]

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Want Smarter Kids?

Our kids are our future!  I am sure you would agree with me when I say that, our kids are our future and it is our job as parents to give them the best opportunity we can to thrive in every possible way. I have never been more committed to health for myself and my family […]

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Summer Health Tips

Have you ever noticed how summer can mess up your health routines.  I believe it is because of the amount of travel people do during the summer that impacts our health habits.  At least that has been my experience. Most of you know that I have been traveling a lot in July and have a […]

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