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Posts from: April 2014

Stroke and Vitamin C

  When I was seven years old my mom met Rita. Rita became my mother’s best friend and she also became our hair dresser.  I loved getting my haircut from Rita because she would wash my hair and as she was rinsing it out she would give it a squeeze to get as much water […]

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Have you heard of Pradaxa?

Are drugs safe?  It depends on who you ask, you will get a different answer.  In this weeks health tip I am not wanting to press upon you that drugs are bad or good.  I want to inform you of a drug in particular that has been linked to many deaths in America over the […]

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Heart Health in General: Women in Particular, Men too

According to the American Heart Association the number one killer of women in  America is heart disease.  What makes me so upset about this is that it can be avoided.  Majority of the time heart disease can be avoided.  In most cases it has nothing to do with our gene expression.  Meaning that if there is […]

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