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Posts from: October 2013

Learn to Walk Correctly to Solve Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Our skeletal structure works just like the structure of a house. I have assisted in house construction and one of the most important tasks to do, is make sure the foundation is square and level. Otherwise it will be an uphill battle constructing the rest of the house. The walls won’t be straight, windows won’t […]

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Boomer Advice to Facilitate Wellness & Mobility

There was a famous 3 year study that concluded in 1996 called the Rand Study.  They studied Senior Citizens under Chiropractic care and compared their health to Senior Citizens who were not using Chiropractic care.  The different results are dramatic.  There is a big statistical difference.  Check out the video blog to learn more about his study. […]

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Come on, Get Happy…and Healthy!

The secret to health and happiness does not involve a magic cure.  It lives within you.  Yes, all the health and happiness in the world lives inside all of us.  When we wake up grumpy or complain about the weather or let the car in front of us get on our nerves, those are all choices we […]

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Go Outside

Do you remember as a kid sitting in front of a computer or a t.v. playing video games for hours on end? For many of us that wasn’t the case.  Times have changed haven’t they?  But, you can still hold onto those healthy movement habits that you once had and model them to your kids […]

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Is Your Food Genetically Modified?

Most Americans have no idea what impact their food is having on their bodies. Then years down the road they begin to develop symptoms that seem to come out of no where.  I maintain that it has something to do with the food you eat.  I am sure you have heard the old saying, “You are […]

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