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Posts from: September 2013

Is it Acute, Chronic or Permanent?

Many of you heard me tell the story of myself when I was 10 years old and how the doctors wanted to take my leg because they thought I had cancer.  The interesting thing about the story is not only did the doctors almost make a major medical error; I never had any symptoms in my leg before I […]

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Heal the Root of the Problem

This is just in from the Digital Journal on a Canadian study and it is profound, I will quote it directly: “As Bel Marra Health reports in its article, Despite growing interest in natural health remedies, the amount of people taking prescription drugs is on the rise and Americans spend more than $250 billion dollars a […]

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Invitation to Lifebook Preview Night

Three years ago I had a good life.  I had an amazing marriage, great kids, my career was doing well, I had many friends that I cared about and I was healthy.  I really had a lot going for me.  You would think I was completely satisfied.  Well, I wasn’t, I knew there was something else […]

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Basic Metabolism Information

Many years ago I use to fight forest fires to make a living and let me tell you, that was a fun job.  At the time, there was nothing better than working outside in the wilderness protecting the forest.  It was very rewarding.  A friend of mine from those days use to share stories of […]

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