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Posts from: July 2013

Allergy Season is Upon Us

Last weekend my wife and I had a wonderful dinner on Alki Beach with a friend who was visiting and she was sharing with us that she recently been diagnosed with an allergy to gluten and soy.  For many years she was using neti pots, she tried meditation, she even tried changing her diet but […]

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How Else Can I Save My Health Care Dollars?

Two years ago I watched my Grandmother who I totally loved and adored take her final breaths.  I drove 5 hours to get to her bedside just to have those final moments and within 3 hours she was gone.  I remember the feeling in my chest very well.  I was super anxious to get to […]

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Reducing Health Care Costs

Have you ever heard about those people who ended up in the hospital with some health crisis that they were not expecting and when the got the invoice from the hospital it turns out that they owe $1,000’s of dollars that they did not budget for?  They even had insurance!  This happens far too often […]

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Cause for Celebration!

Happy 4th of July! (video)  However you celebrate, it’s probably safe to say that there’s food involved. Most of you are probably going to a BBQ or party with snacks, treats, comfort food and alcohol so… it’s rather fitting to introduce you to the newest member of the Divine Spine team this week, Nutritional Therapist, Emma Davis Ganger. […]

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