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Posts from: June 2013

More Health Benefits from a Positive Outlook

Wherever I look I am astounded by the beauty and abundance that is all around us.  The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  I am so so so GRATEFUL to live here.  People come from all over the world to experience the beauty in our back yard. When is […]

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Looking on the Bright Side Has Health Benefits

When I was a boy my childhood was littered with alcoholism.  On many occasions my father would come home intoxicated and the level of stress in the house would be so high that all I wanted to do was hide.  The first half of my childhood was extremely toxic, it wasn’t until my mother decided to divorce […]

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Trust in Self vs. Trust in Government

When it comes down to it, who’s responsible for your health?  YOU right?  Of course, no one is more responsible for your health than you are.  If this is truly the case then why is it that many doctors are giving their patients a hard time if they do not follow their recommendations? People are more […]

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Community Offerings- Come Join Us!

Meridian Measurement with Jacob Caldwell: For the next two months, add a Free Meridian Measurement Reading and Consultation to your massage appointment with Massage Therapist & Medical Intuitive, Jacob Caldwell. A Meridian Measurement Reading is produced by biofeedback software that measures the energy output of each of the 12 major organs. This fantastic tool is […]

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Asthma Associated with Diet

Our society is being bombarded with so many different health problems.  It is really overwhelming to think about all the different ailments in our world.  I frankly am fed up with the nonsense.   I am sick and tired of all the different diseases and disorders of our time. Why do you think this is […]

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