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Posts from: December 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Divine Spiners!! My heart is bursting with love, joy and gratitude!  I am so humbled by you and your giving efforts.  We have done amazingly well. We have exceeded $1200! Our goal is $1500.  So please help us help the food bank reach this goal.  Dig a little deeper if you can this holiday and […]

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Don’t Eat Yourself Uncomfortable This Holiday

Happy Holidays!!!! I wish you and your family a wonderful and joyous holiday season!  The holiday is a time to rejoice and celebrate the love we share and the gifts we have experienced in the past year.  I love looking back and seeing where I came from and giving thanks for my growth.  I also […]

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Vaccine Controversy Again-Do They Cause Disease?

Ever since the introduction of Vaccinations there has been some question on how effective they are and how safe they are.  I have listened to many people over the years share their opinions and share the science behind their reasoning.  The bottom line is there is a lot of grey area when it comes to […]

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Thank You Thank You Thank You, Here we are entering week three of Gratitude Month and allow me to express my gratitude to all of you.  We are so excited, we are halfway through the month and we are over halfway to our goal of raising $1500 for the food bank.  By the time you […]

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Do You have a Sense of Purpose?

Are you living life with Purpose?  I sure hope so, if not, that is okay.  It is never too late to find something that you have a lot of passion about.  I recently read that people who live live with purpose reduce the risk of getting Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  In my video blog this week I share […]

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